Franz Limmer was born in Vienna in 1808 where he studied among other subjects the cello and the clarinet. His teacher for harmony, composition and orchestration was the highly esteemed Ignaz Ritter von Seyfried. Already at the age of seventeen he composed a Mass in D major which was premiered in Vienna.
In 1834 the director of the German theatre in Timisoara offered Limmer a position as conductor. Limmer accepted and Timisoara became his second home. In 1835 he was appointed choirmaster of the local cathedral and for this church he wrote his best-known work: the Offertorium in A (Justus ut palma florebit).

Chamber Music

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VSE 19 F. Limmer
1808 – 1857
Quartet for four cellos, opus 11 (ca.1831),
Trio for three cellos, opus 12 (ca.1831)
This edition contains a score and four cello parts.
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VSE 19a

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