Piano Bulletin (EPTA)

Year 41, 2023 nr. 3

Diabelli opus 149 (28 melodische Übungsstücke)
Diabelli opus 189 (Prüfungs-Stücke)

What aspiring pianist hasn’t enjoyed their first quatre-mains playing with their fellow student or teacher? And for whom was not the extremely popular album 28 melodic Übungsstücke, opus 149, the first introduction to four-hand piano music by a real composer from Beethoven’s time?…


Piano Bulletin (EPTA)

Valuable editions of early piano music
Van Sambeek Edities is a small publishing firm of sheet music which has recently produced four interesting editions. The music comes from the late classical and romantic periods and is not available in any form other than in original editions. Different from other publishers of similar works, Van Sambeek chose not to produce facsimiles; the pieces…


Piano wereld

Jan.-febr. 2006
Saved from oblivion
The more the piano developed, the more composers were challenged to explore the new possibilities of this instrument. Because of this, the large number of piano works written during the nineteenth century is all too obvious. From the perspective of our century it is easy to discern the greater masters from the lesser: the music…

Piano Bulletin (EPTA)

Ignaz Moscheles – Tägliche Studien über die harmonisierten Skalen…

In the nineteenth century numerous books were published with technique exercises, usually based especially on scale figures. Technical studies of this sort were put on the market notably in the nineteenth century, and were characterized by containing many kinds of exercises with varying levels of difficulty. It is certain that those short elementary scale exercises à la Czerny for daily usage have hardly any artistic value. I don’t think it very likely that in our parts many teachers will bother their pupils with them. Opus 107 by Ignaz Moscheles (1794-1870) would seem to belong in that category of skills exercises, if one goes by its title, which reads in full: Tägliche Studien über die harmonisierten Skalen zur Übung in den verschiedensten Rhytmen. Still, this is a horse of quite another colour…


Volume 67, Number 2, December 2010
Nicholas Temperly University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

We still tend to understand the classical and romantic periods of music through the work of a handful of great composers. This series is a welcome effort to make available some of the neglected masterworks for the piano. It surely represents a labor of love on the part of its editor, Bart van Sambeek, and many pianists will be grateful to have access to so much unfamiliar material of high quality.

Piano Journal (EPTA)

Ignaz Moscheles: Daily Studies on the Harmonic Scales for Practice in Various Rhythms, op.107

These masterful etudes for piano duet come in a superb new Urtext Edition by the firm of Van Sambeek who are alone in retrieving lost masterpieces …

Harpsichord & fortepiano

Volume 16. No.1

Van Sambeek Editions have given themselves the mandate to unearth forgotten works written by ‘piano composers of the late Classical and Romantic period who are unjustly scarcely known’. It has been succesfully demonstrated by the record company Hyperion’s extensive and celebrated survey of the Romantic Piano Concerto (to name one example), that there are many beautiful, imaginative, and wellcrafted works that have been undervalued over time because they were written by composers who have had the misfortune of being forsaken from the canon of composers…